She's officially an LSU legend, but where does the career of Angel Reese go from here?

Reese has declared for the WNBA Draft, forgoing the remainder of her NCAA Career. This was expected by many, but still came as a shock to some. Because Reese is a legend in the NCAA world. She has giant NIL deals, is one of the most recognizable players on one of the most recognizable teams, and would be one of the last of this generation of college players left if she stayed.

That type of spotlight will not be available to her in the WNBA.

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The WNBA has various issues. Players have issues with travel, salaries, "visibility", and rosters spots. But the public also has issues with the WNBA...which are pretty much the same issues the players have, but not in the same way. We're not about to get into all of these issues, but there is one that will play into Reese's scenario...roster spots.

As of right now, Reese is projected to be a Top 10 pick in he WNBA Draft. But does that mean Reese will be playing in the WNBA next year? Maybe?

The "roster spot" concern shared by players is one of the concerns echoed by fans. As players that are massively popular in the NCAA cannot find a spot in the WNBA. Just look at last year's LSU Tigers team that won the NCAA Championship. LSU's LaDazhia Williams and Alexis Morris were both taken in the WNBA draft, which even include celebratory pictures with jerseys on the draft stage.

2023 WNBA Draft
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

But both players were cut from their teams before the season even started. Both players were in the top 22 picks in the draft. Two of the 22 best rookies into the league, and neither were allowed spots on teams. Williams was taken at pick #17 and wasn't allowed to play.

So with Reese being projected anywhere from 7th overall to 12th overall in different WNBA mock drafts, does this mean she will have a spot in the WNBA?

Last year the player taken 11th overall pick in the FIRST ROUND, Abby Meyers, was cut before the WNBA season started. The year before that, the 8th overall pick in the first round of the WNBA draft was also cut before the season started.

If Reese is drafted, it doesn't mean she will play in the WNBA at all.

ESPN projects Reese to be picked at #7 overall by the Minnesota Lynx. But even in their mock draft, they mention that the Lynx already have "personnel" in place. Which is another way of saying their roster is full. Will they be willing to make space for Reese?

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