This evening, a video has gone absolutely viral showing a police officer getting physical with a Parkway student on campus.

During the short clip, we see the student, who is already in handcuffs, shouting at someone off-camera. The student does appear to be lunging towards whoever he is yelling at, but once again, details are few and far between when it comes to what was happening off-camera, as well as what happened in the moments leading up to the altercation.

Quickly, we see the officer grab the student by the throat, immediately pushing him backwards. From there, the uniformed officer holds the student by his handcuffs with his right hand, and has his left hand gripping the student's upper body. He then shoves the student away from the hallway with his left hand, turning the student around completely.

Since this video was shared on social media, the comments range from angry at the officer, to angry at the student. Literally every basis is covered in the social media comment sections.

One user writes, "INACCURATE HEADLINE: The school resource officer used appropriate and measured force to remove a student from an escalating situation without injury to anyone involved." Another comment reads, "He was in control already and the cop had no right to put his hands around that child neck....if it was mines..they would see has nothing to do with home training....ppl see what they want."

After watching this video, what are your thoughts?


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