Thanks to an outstanding teen driver safety video produced by Parkway High students, and proposal submitted as part of the Celebrate My Drive program, the Panthers will be on the receiving end of a $100,000 national safe driving grant from State Farm at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 8 in the school’s auxiliary gym.

This is not the first time Parkway has won a State Farm Celebrate My Drive grant, but the first year to place first and be among one of 22 schools in the United States to win $100,000. To earn the grant, high schools submitted creative videos and proposals designed to address teen driver safety issues in their communities.

In addition, the Panthers described how they support “2N2: 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel.” Winners were determined by public voting online and Parkway was among the top 22 schools, chosen from 681 high school submissions, receiving the most votes.

Parkway Principal Dr. Nichole Bourgeois:

We are so thankful for State Farm’s generous support and positive approach to both educate and encourage young drivers about the importance of adopting safe driving habits.


On behalf of Parkway, we are also grateful for the tremendous support shown the past three years by the South Bossier community by pledging to drive safely, contributing to grants equaling $150,000 through State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive contest.


I am overwhelmed by these efforts that have and will continue to support our safe driving program as well as enhancements to the school organization.

Grant money will be utilized in a number of ways to further educate Parkway students on safe driving practices, as well as to support co-curricular activities and update classroom technology and custodial equipment.

Celebrate My Drive is a different approach taken by State Farm to decrease the number of car crashes involving teenagers, which is the number one killer among this age group. Because a teen’s first year on the road is considered the most dangerous, State Farm is engaging teens while they learn to drive in a supportive and positive way.

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