Geek'd Con, Shreveport's comic con, is August 17th-19th, 2018 at the Shreveport Convention Center. The lineup includes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, the voice of Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon), the first woman to ever portray Supergirl Helen Slater, and MTV's Bam Margera. Tickets and full lineup are at

One of the biggest parts of Geek'd Con every year is the Cosplay Contest.

This year's Cosplay Contest is brought to you by Digital Media Institute, and the host sponsor, Super Hero Photos. The 2018 version of the Geek'd Cosplay Contest will take place the Sunday (August 19th) afternoon of Geek'd Con, at 2pm.

Super Hero Photos returns as the sponsor and host, which they were in 2015 and 2017 as well, and will be bringing their own load of prizes again for this year.

Here comes this year's contest rules:

  1. The contest will be on one stage, starting at 2pm on Sunday, August 19th. There will be no Pre-Judging for the costume contest.  All judging will take place on the catwalk while you are showing your costume off to the public.  You may enter as a group of no more than 2 people but only one prize will be awarded for the group if you are selected by the judges. You may perform a brief statement while on stage but no extended skits will be allowed. Winners will be announced immediately following the costume contest.
  2. All judges will be celebrity or guest judges in order to ensure a fair score. A Geek'd staff member will act as a judge in the event that a celebrity or guest judge cannot be found.
  3. The contest will be organized and run by SuperHero Photos and assistants, and judged by guests or celebrities. SuperHero Photos Staff members have NO CONTROL over who wins.
  4. All competitors will be judged on quality, craftsmanship, presence as well as how much they are in character
  5. WEAPONS POLICY: All weapons (besides staves) must be non-functioning, and rules are as follows. This is NON NEGOTIABLE. If weapons violate policy, you may be stopped and removed:
    Whips: Must be carried looped at all times when there are people around. there will be NO Whip-Cracking allowed, especially not around people.
    Swords: Must be in sheath, and peace tied. Please do not allow children to swing swords in groups of people.
    Gun-Type Weapons: All firearm weapons must follow Geek'd Con's "Toy Weapon" policy. They must be able to be identified as a toy from a distance.
  6. There will be a First, Second and Third place awarded as well as a Judge’s Mention: This category is reserved for an entry that the judges feel exceed expectations in one way or another.  Judges will have sole discretion as to the criteria for the awarding of this category.
  7. Prizes will be announced as they are confirmed with SuperHero Photos

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