Geek’d Con is returning to the Shreveport Convention Center with three days of amazing fun, filled with comic books, cosplay, art, games, and more. Join us Friday night for a vendor preview, and Saturday and Sunday, full of vendors, artists, talent, panels, and entertainment.

But why buy a ticket? Who's going to be there that YOU care about? Well, check out the guest list (so far, there are more announcements coming):

Lou Ferrigno:

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo Presented By POW! Entertainment - Day 3
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Yes! The Hulk is coming to Shreveport! Not only was Lou The Hulk on the TV series, he also lends his voice to The Hulk in the big budget Hulk movies, and The Avengers movies!

Joey Fatone:

*NSYNC Portrait Session
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Who doesn't remember *NSYNC? They were the biggest band on the planet in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Hell, they performed at halftime of the Super Bowl! But Joey's career didn't end there...he's gone on to star in major motion pictures, Dancing With The Stars, horror movies, and more.
Kelly Hu:
the 18th Annual Genesis Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Pic. shows actress Kelly Hu o
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Kelly Hu's resume is incredible. I could spend the rest of the day writing out all of the amazing projects she's worked on. But how about this, she was Lady Deathstrike in X-Men: of the main villains in one of the highest rated X-Men movies ever. But here geek-cred doesn't end there. She has recently been on the TV show Arrow as China White, and starred in the first few season of Vampire Diaries. Her voice can be heard in over 150 episodes of the Disney show Phineas and Ferb as Stacy. Again, there's so much more, I could keep going all day, just check out her IMDB here

Billy West:

2010 Comic-Con International - Day 3

He's a living legend, and that's not hyperbole. If there was a Voice Actor Hall of Fame, he's a first ballot guy. The voice of both Ren AND Stimpy from the show of the same name, and the voice of Doug Funnie on Doug he was one of the main voices of a generation's childhood. Then when that generation got a little older, he tied to them more, by voicing Bugs Bunny in the major motion picture Space Jam. Now once those kids became adults, he was there with them again by voicing Philip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, and Dr Zoidberg (among many others) in the show Futurama.

That's not even mentioning the countless other roles you've heard him in, like the voice of the Red M&M for the last couple decades.

Sam J. Jones:
Comic Con Palm Springs 2016
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It's Flash Gordon! Sam J. Jones played the iconic character so well, we'd bet money more people call him Flash when meeting him than "Sam" or "Mr. Jones". Not only did he hit it big with Flash in the 1980s, he and the character have had a massive renaissance since he appeared in the Ted movies with Mark Wahlberg.
Roland Paris:
Roland Paris
Roland Paris is one of the most successful comic artists in the state of Louisiana! His work includes Spider-Girl, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Ms. Marvel, and more. This will be Roland's second appearance at Geek'd Con.
Kellen Goff & Andy Field:
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The video game series Five Nights At Freddy's has been one of the most popular games series released in recent memory. Which is why its so cool that Geek'd Con will feature not one, but TWO voices from the latest game in the series, "Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location".
Kellen Goff is the first person to ever voice the title charecter, Freddy Fazbear, and Andy Field voices fan-favorite, HandUnit.
If you're an avid player, you can't miss a chance to meet these two!

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