Geek'd Con is almost 19 days away from right now (but who's counting?)...which means its time to get your plans finalized.

Every year there are new things added to Geek'd, which for some people (like me) that means old information has to be pushed out of your head to make room for the new stuff. So I thought it might be a good idea to post about some of the things that have either been added this year, that you might not know about, or recap things you may have forgotten about. Like FREE PARKING.

Every year Geek'd Con offers free parking in the Convention Center parking garage, which is a big deal. If you've ever tried to park in Downtown Shreveport, you know it can be a pain, and usually the parking garage comes with a charge. But during the weekend of Geek'd Con, that parking garage is FREE for our geek friends, because Geek'd Con is picking up the tab!

Here are 5 other things to keep in mind for Geek'd Con:


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