This snail's eggs look just like a piece of chewed bubblegum, and they're causing massive headaches here in the South.

You learn something new everyday, as I had never heard of the apple snail prior to today. It wasn't that long ago when I first heard about the puss moth caterpillar. This is a beast with a funny name that is to be taken very seriously as it's sting can absolutely jack you up. Of course, when I first learned about the puss moth I quickly passed that info to you all and it seemed like I wasn't the only one who had never heard of it before.

I feel like today, we finally have a sequel to the puss moth.

Have you guys ever heard of the apple snail? Believe it or not, this strange snail has been here in Louisiana since 2006, originally found in a drainage ditch it Gretna, Louisiana. The apple snail is generally found in or near bodies of water, making Louisiana a great place to call home. Unfortunately, we don't want these things here. No, they aren't poisonous, but they are pretty terrible for our environment. They are pests that can pretty much destroy a crop. Not only that, but they often carry a parasite called a rat lung worm that can be deadly to humans.

Generally before you come across the apple snail itself, you'll find it's bubblegum-looking eggs. You'll find the 200-600 eggs clumped together normally on a tree-stump near water.

If you ever come across an apple snail or it's distinguishable eggs, call Aquatic Nuisance Species coordinator, Bobby Reed, at 225-765-3977.




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