Best 2021 Halloween Costumes In The World Of Sports
Every year celebrities, entertainers, musicians, actors, and athletes go above and beyond for Halloween, and particularly their Halloween costumes. As social media became more of a prominent feature in the cultural zeitgeist, so did posting pictures to said social media. And no holiday screams social media quite like Halloween! Here are some of the best costumes from around the sports world from Halloween 2021.
Photos: Coolio Takes Texas Tech Fans on a Fantastic Voyage
Coolio has had a long and storied career, featuring absolute bops like "Fantastic Voyage," "1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)," "C U When U Get There," and, of course, "Gangsta’s Paradise." He performed all the hits today while rapping with Raider Red at the Texas Tech Raider Alley party heading into the Homecoming matchup against TCU. Coolio ...

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