Video games are big business...and sports are big when the two come together, you know big things are going to happen. Just look at what the Madden video game franchise has turned into; you have giant leagues, celebrity streamers, and big money championship games. Just the term "Madden" has evolved into an adjective in American lingo.

But the Madden franchise used to have competition. Another game that was just as big, and actually became a part of the Madden experience. When the NCAA Football video game franchise was live, it was played just as much as could even pair the games together by importing your NCAA players into your Madden game.

But that all came to an end after "NCAA Football 14". That's because of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) issues college players dealt with. Now that the NCAA has worked out the NIL concerns, we have college football video games set to return.

As the NCAA football games return, they're getting the full Madden treatment. Now that players can be named (instead of just being the matching numbers and positions of the real life players), the rankings attached to them are now very personal. Because its not a nameless totem on a's their name/image/'s actually them.

Which has made a couple of LSU players pretty happy, but I'm sure it's aggravated a few as well. But lets look at the positives...four LSU players have landed in the Top 100 ranked players in the game. In fact, LSU has arguably the highest rated player in the whole game.

Mississippi State v LSU
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

LSU offensive tackle Will Campbell is listed as the #2 player in the game by many reports, but he has the same rating as Michigan cornerback Will Johnson, who some list at the #1 player in the game. Both players have a 96 overall rating, so its tied (Ollie Gordon II has a 96 as well).

LSU linebacker Harold Perkins Jr. has a 92 overall rating, while offensive tackle Emery Jones Jr. and tight end Mason Taylor both have 90 overall ratings.

Cheez-It Citrus Bowl - LSU v Purdue
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

That ranks four LSU players in the Top 100 player ratings to start the season.

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