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I've been documenting my return to sports card collecting for a few months now. I've written about my struggles with buying unopened packs in this new market, and understanding what the market is really built one. I've seen some crazy stuff happen with online sales over the last few months.

Cards from the modern era, including cards from just a few years ago, are regularly selling for more online that historical cards of Hall of Fame players like Babe Ruth. Current players like the NFL's Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have sold for record amounts. NBA stars like LeBron James and Zion Williamson see their cards sell for 6-figures on eBay regularly. Even sports like golf and soccer have had record sales online over the last couple of months.

But this week, something amazing has happened. A card of a current NBA player sold for over $3 million dollars.

A Luka Doncic rookie card sold for a fat $3.75 million dollars on eBay. That's right, a modern player who is currently on the Dallas Mavericks roster saw his rookie card sell for nearly $4 million. That rookie card sold for more than some of Doncic's teammates will make in their NBA salary this season. Teammate Trey Burke, a former top 10 overall NBA pick, plays over 16 minutes a game for the Mavericks this season, and is getting a season salary of $3.1 million. Burke wouldn't be able to pay for that rookie card with his whole season salary.

It's safe to say the sports card market is broken right now.


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