If you stay home from work when you're sick, you're some kind of unicorn.  According to a new survey, one in 10 American workers actually use their sick days when they are under the weather.  The responsible minority who dutifully separate themselves from the pack in order to contain an outbreak are vastly outnumbered by the typhoid Marys who just can't seem to (or don't want to) cash in on their allotted days off.

Global staffing Accountemps looked into when and why workers were phoning it in, and they found that not only did most employees choose to come in sick - a full 40% of respondents did so because they just didn't want to.  I can almost see where the 54% who reported for duty because there was just too much work to do re coming from, but it's flu season.

As a proud member of the small group that will use a sick day if I'm experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, I can tell you that we are not amused. It's not cool to get me sick because you are saving up days for a mini-vacay next month.

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