When it comes to an even playing field between men and women, Louisiana isn't exactly on the cutting edge of equality.  So bad, in fact, the Bayou State comes in at number 2 on the top 10 worst states list for working women.

Each of the 50 states was ranked on these 4 categories:

  • Percentage Of Women CEOs
  • Percentage Of Women In Poverty
  • Income Gap Between Male And Female Earners
  • Life Expectancy

When it comes to opportunities and career growth for women, Louisiana is only behind West Virginia for the absolute worst.  According to Zippia.com, the stats for the Sportman's paradise are dismal:  Women here make 38 cents less per dollar compared to men working the same job, have a 35% poverty rate, and far fall behind in the CEO department too.  Only 21.2% of the chief executives in this state are female.

When compared to the #1 state in the nation for ladies, it's embarrassing.  Vermont's working women have a higher life expectancy (79 for VT, 75.4 for LA), 11% less poverty, and almost 17% more CEO's positions.

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