The New Orleans Saints aren't afraid to make moves in the NFL Draft. In fact, it seems like they enjoy doing it. Since the year 2010, the Saints have made trades in the First Round of the NFL Draft 8 times. That's 57% of the time, the Saints trade in the First Round.

But its not limited to the First Round of the draft, the Saints trade up all over the place. As GulfLive reported, the Saints have traded up 26 times in the last 16 years. They add that the team has never traded down in the draft during that time frame.

New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President and General Manager Mickey Loomis was asked about his habit of trading up in the draft during a press conference this week. His team is preparing for this year's draft, and he said:

“Well, I must think it’s pretty good if I keep doing it, right? Yeah, I feel like it’s been good for us”

Saints GM Mickey Loomis
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Whether or not this has made the Saints more successful with their picks can be debated. But it at least makes the draft exciting for Saints fans.

This puts a big circle on the Saints in every mock draft, because writers always expect them to be a team that moves. It's like picking a 5th seed to beat a 12 seed in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament just happens too often. Since it happens more than half the time, it would be shocking if the Saints stay at their draft spot. But not as shocking as if they traded back in the draft.

Every Saints First Round NFL Draft Trade Since 2010

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