Wallet Hub just released its latest numbers on women's equality across the United States, and Louisiana has one again found itself near the very bottom of the list.  Out of the 50 states in the study, the data-crunching website has placed the Bayou State at number 44 - only South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Virginia, and Utah came in behind us.

The study uses 3 main metrics: Education and health, workplace environment, and political empowerment.  In education and health (measured by how attainable a college degree is and how affordable doctor's visits are), Louisiana came in 30th.  In workplace environment, we're right in the middle at 25th.  This ranking is determined by the wage gap between men and women, the availability of executive positions for women, their overall job security, and a few other similar factors.  The last ranking that determines our placement on this list is political empowerment, and that's where we came in dead last.  When it comes to women being in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the State Legislature, and among state elected executives - Louisiana came in 50th out of 50.

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