Video games are one of the biggest hobbies, industries, and competitive events in the world. People of all ages spend hours playing video games in their homes every week. Creating, marketing, and playing video games has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Not to mention eSports has become so big there are college teams, and teams run by the US Military.

You could say video games are a big deal. So getting involved with them is huge for brands, actors, and even bands.

Of course there are video games built specifically to have bands participate. Games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Rocksmith, Beat Saber, and Dance Dance Revolution are built in a way that bands and musicians can easily work their way in. Joining those franchises can be huge for bands, giving them a wide audience for their music that they might not find otherwise. It also creates bonds with players as they work to learn their songs inside and out.

But there's another avenue for bands to get their music out through the huge video game industry. Soundtracks.

Way back in the day, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Castlequest, and Mega Man all had their own 8-bit soundtracks. It would have been a wild idea to hear a Def Leppard or Ozzy song during those games. The technology wasn't there yet...there were some interesting attempts to create mainstream songs in 8-bit form, but it wasn't the same.

In more modern games, the mainstream songs that are added to the soundtracks of games are added in full. Not only are there songs that get added to gameplay and soundtracks from mainstream bands, but here are songs made specifically for video game releases. Again, video games are big business.

There have been a ton of bands and artists from Texas that have found their way into games. Check out this list here

Game On: Talented Texas Musicians & Bands Featured in Famous Video Games

Video game soundtracks are nothing without amazing songs; here are some talented Texas bands & musicians featured in video games throughout the years.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

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