ESPN sometimes strikes gold with their innovation. If you haven't seen the Pat McAfee fronted sideline calls (Field Pass) of major college games, you're missing out. McAfee brings his crew from the daily Pat McAfee show, including Super Bowl champion AJ Hawk, former NFL defensive back Darius Butler, and his other podcast co-hosts. This was a feature of the 2024 Rose Bowl coverage that ESPN provided, but obviously McAfee couldn't then do the same for the Sugar Bowl, because it started right as the Rose Bowl ended, and was in New Orleans.

So for the Sugar Bowl, the "Field Pass" was hosted by ESPN's Cole Cubelic, Harry Douglas, and former Texas Longhorns Sam Acho and Colt McCoy. During this coverage, the crew was joined by none other than Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey. However, McConaughey apparently had some issues with the way they were watching the game, and wanted a better view:

But it wasn't just the fact that McConaughey made it to the sidelines to watch, he started participating in the game. Not wearing pads and playing, but actually roaming the sidelines and getting involved with players WHILE THE GAME IS HAPPENING:

What a wild world. A game worth millions of dollars, that can make or break careers and contracts valued at millions each, and Matthew McConaughey just does what he wants. But honestly, if we step back, what is the point of becoming insanely famous if you can't do these things? So good for him. I'd much rather see celebrities do this kind of thing than 90% of what I see them doing online.

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