The Denver Broncos rocked the NFL world today when they announced that the team would be parting ways with quarterback Russel Wilson. This is a pretty big shock because of how much it will cost the Broncos to not have Russell Wilson on their roster.

While the Broncos will not have to spend $37 million in a roster bonus that Wilson would have received after the start of the new league year. That trigger would have come this month, which is why Wilson will get released prior to it kicking in. But, even with saving $37 million in bonus money, the Broncos will end up with $39 million in guaranteed money they need to pay Wilson, and they have to take $85 million in "dead cap" money for the next two years. Which means money that will count against the team's salary cap, even if they're not actually paying it out.

But those are all Denver Broncos problems, and we're talking about the New Orleans Saints.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Former New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton couldn't make it work with Russell Wilson in Denver, but could Payton's former team find a use for Russ?

The Saints have invested over $150 million into Derek Carr, and have rights to him until after 2028. But not everyone has been sold on whether or not Carr is right for the Saints, or capable of getting them to the playoffs. Having that much money tied to Carr pretty much slams the door on the idea of Russell Wilson being a Saint right away, before you even talk about who's a better quarterback.

Add into the contract conversations that the Saints are one of the worst teams when it comes to salary cap space, and you start to see the clear picture: even if the Saints wanted Russell Wilson, there's no way they could afford a contract for him.

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