I'm never sure where the conversations in my office will lead. With so many different people here in the studios at the radio ranch, there's no telling who then next person through that door will be, or what they're going to be talking about.

Today, Jay Whatley came in hot. Sat down and we just started brainstorming on crazy ideas that made us laugh. After we made fun of his new shoes, and talked about some video game streamers, we started messing around with some crazy concepts.

We landed on this idea: What if we turned local cities into pop stars? Or, as we refined it a bit, what pop stars could be used to represent cities?

I know this sounds stupid to a lot of people, and I totally get that. But you know you've been talking to your friends before and have come up with stupid ideas that you start running with. Sometimes those are the funniest conversations. Which is the direction this one started taking.

Now we came up with reasons for each of these, and laughed hysterically at some, and just said "yeah, that's perfect" to others. There really wasn't much debate at all, just of lot of "one upping" each other on pop stars and references. But we didn't want to include any of that, because when we talked it through, we actually thought it would be funnier to let people fill in some blanks.

So here you go...

Who Would These Ark-La-Tex Cities Be If They Were Pop Stars

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