Lunchables are nowhere to be found in Shreveport-Bossier, and I am demanding answers.

As a father of two young daughters, I know the importance of always keeping Lunchables within reach. These things have gotten me out of a pinch or two (or 2,000) in my life. Pizza delivery running late? Grab a Lunchable. Kids getting cranky before dinner? Grab a Lunchable. Heading to the pool? Grab a Lunchable.

For a single dad, these things are basically Heaven sent. However, it seems like with last week's Jurassic Quest, I've seen more dinosaurs lately than I have Lunchables... Maybe they are officially extinct?

I've actually been reading about the lunchables shortage in Shreveport-Bossier for several weeks, although i haven't seen the problem myself until this week. I mean, when I first started seeing Shreveporters complain about the lack of Lunchables, I had a healthy stockpile in my fridge so not having Lunchables was the least of my worries... Until last night.

The girls and I went grocery shopping and I was shocked at how real the Lunchables shortage actually is. At the time of my arrival, the Target in Bossier was completely out. That definitely got my attention... From there, we checked out Dollar General (which always has Lunchables), and they were completely sold out. After that, we stopped by Kingston Market, because I knew without a doubt, they would have Lunchables. Nope, they were sold out as well.

So what gives? Is this a 2020 toilet paper situation all over again? Actually, yes, that's pretty much what we're going through, but for slightly different reasons. By "we're", I don't just mean Shreveport-Bossier. Apparently, there's a nationwide Lunchables shortage as we speak, and parents all across the country find themselves in the same boat we do.

Toilet paper vanished from our shelves last year following public panic due to COVID-19, while Lunchables are gone due to a labor shortage. Basically, Lunchables are being bought off the shelves faster than their parent company can restock our stores.

Will this Hellish nightmare ever end? Will we ever see the day where we can spend $10 and receive a weeks worth of heavenly snacks? Man, I hope so.

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