There is something magical about the end of the Thanksgiving gathering with the family when everyone starts packing up and leaving. This is the time when my grandmother looks over at me and asks if she can pack me up leftovers. My MawMaw is the best, but she gets it. Leftovers is where it is at.

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However, when is it time to throw it away? When is it time to say goodbye to that delicious dark turkey meat?

Well, according to CNN, here is a list of some understandably scrumptious times to throw away those thanksgiving yum yums.

Turkey: 3-4 days
Stuffing: 3-4 days
Mashed Potatoes: 4-5 days
Casserole: 4-5 days
Pie: 3-4 days
Fish: 2 days
Pasta: 7-10 days

I am guilty of holding on to those leftovers a little longer than what I am supposed to, but hopefully this helps you stay healthy and keep your fridge free of unwanted clutter.

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