Now that we've all made it through the Thanksgiving season, there's nothing barring our way to Christmas!  From here through the 25th, it's absolutely, 100% Yuletide time!  That means the decorating, caroling, gift shopping, and more, all get turned up to 11 as we march towards that glorious morning where we gather around the tree in our pajamas with our family.  Another phenomena that gets kicked up another notch are Christmas.  Even if you are single and dateless, you will most likely attend at least one Christmas Party this year.  When that happens, you will (most likely) encounter party-goers that have been partaking in the seasonal libations (alcohol).  According to a study from the University of Missouri at Columbia - researchers have determined that there are 4 major inebriation archetypes you will likely encounter.  The big question is: Which one are you?

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The first kind of drunk is called the "Earnest Hemingway."  The real Hemingway was a renowned author and world-class drinker.  He drank so much that you really couldn't tell if he was sauced or sober.  This classification of drinker is the kind of person whose personality stays the same regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.


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Next up is the "Mary Poppins."  This proper English nanny seems to have a way of making even the most mundane tasks seem fun and magical.  This classification of  celebrator seems to get sweeter and nicer with every sip!




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If you are not one of those, maybe you are a "Nutty Professor."  This reveler arrives at the party in a fairly shy state.  This title goes to the introvert that does a complete 180 when you add adult beverages to the equation.  The name comes from the movies of the same name, wherein the titular Professor creates a potion that forces his (usually buried) wild personality out into the open.


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Finally we come to the least fun classification of drunk - "Mr. Hyde."  The name comes from world renowned Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson's book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde first released in 1886.  The story centers on a formula developed by Dr. Jekyll that when consumed would release the monster within.  Our last drunk is named for this phenomenon because they too undergo a horrific change.  The once mild mannered and even friendly party goer gets angry, argumentative, mean, and in some cases - violent.  This is the least fun kind of drinker, I think we can all agree.

The questions stands: What kind of drunk are you?  Answer below, and as always - be careful when you celebrate this holiday season.  Don't drink and drive, and if turns out you are a Mr. Hyde - maybe go for the non-alcoholic Egg Nog this year.