Louisiana exterminator Jude Verret has seen all manner of pests.  From insects to rodents to snakes to bats - he's experienced (and vanquished) more than his fair share of creepy-crawlies.  A video posted to YouTube documenting his recent encounter in Patterson, Louisiana most definitely takes the cake!

He was called out to remove a hornet's nest from a storage building.  This is a common request for an exterminator anywhere in North America, as bee and wasps stings account for around 100 deaths each year in the U.S. alone.  However, there are 2 very critical attributes uncovered in this encounter that make it anything but run-of-the-mill.  First, these were European Hornets.  These nasty boys are the largest of the vespine (wasp) family in North America, and when they feel their nest is in danger - they attack en masse to defend their home.  That brings us to the second unique fact about this run in:  The nest was the size of a refrigerator!

Watch as this man demolishes a truly gargantuan hive!  Don't worry, Jade is an expert and was wearing the proper protective gear.  Don't try this at home, obviously.

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