The Marvel Infinity Stones are Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time. If Shreveport had our own stones, what would they be?

We're now less than a month away from arguably the biggest superhero movie of all time. Avengers: End Game will hit theaters on April 26th, and will feature the grand climax of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe phase. Basically, every single Marvel movie since the original Iron Man has led up to this moment.

Personally, I don't think I've ever been more excited to see a movie. Today, I decided to channel my excitement to make an interesting blog for you all to read.

What if Shreveport was home to six Infinity Stones? What would they be? If combined into Shreveport's Infinity Gauntlet, what would the snap mean for us in the Ark-La-Tex? Read below for the answers.


  • 1

    The Time Stone

    Yes, in this hypothetical scenario, the time stone is the only Marvel stone to arrive in Shreveport. Except our time stone only has the ability to go back in time, precisely to a time where Hamel's Park was still in action.

  • 2

    The Crawfish Stone

    This stone would be one of, if not the most sought after Shreveport Infinity Stone. It's power is simple. With one clinch of the fist, this stone would instantly deliver five lbs. of steaming hot crawfish.

  • 3

    The Barksdale Bubble Stone

    This stone could be the most powerful of all. This stone harnesses the power of the Barksdale Bubble to place it's user under a protective shield until danger is completely averted. Good luck getting your hands on this stone, though, as it's heavily protected by the fine folks at Barksdale Air Force Base.

  • 4

    The Soul Stone

    Don't let the name fool you, this ain't Marvel's Soul Stone. No, this one deals with Louisiana Soul, soul music that is. It's power instantly delivers the most beautiful Louisiana soul music you've ever heard, music so nice that it would make an alligator slow dance with a  rougarou.

  • 5

    The Complaining Stone

    I feel like half of Shreveport's population has already harnessed the power of this stone. After harnessing this stone, it's user would instantly feel the urge to complain about anything and everything, more so than ever before. From crime rates and trash fees to pot holes and momma's cooking. Nothing is safe from a Shreveporter with the Complaining Stone.

  • 6

    The Boosie Stone

    The most beloved stone of all. This stone will instantly make any true Shreveporters dream come true... The instant ability to know and rap every single Lil Boosie lyric ever created.

    B-O-O-S-I-E-B-A-D-A-Z-Z, That's me. Or at least that will be me, once I get my hands on the elusive Boosie Stone.

  • 7


    Once one Shreveporter successfully gathers all Shreveport Infinity Stones, he/she will instantly possess the ability to change the landscape of our town with a snap. Once that snap is delivered, half of Shreveport's population will disintegrate right before our eyes.

    Don't worry though, they will quickly reemerge across the river and post on Facebook about how much better Bossier is.

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