Geek'd Con, Shreveport's comic con, has become one of the biggest pop culture events in the region over the last five years. With guests like Michael Rooker, LeVar Burton, Lou Ferrigno, Elvira, Peter Mayhew, Chris Sarandon, and more.

This year's Geek'd Con is set for August 21-23 at the Shreveport Convention Center.

This week, Geek'd Con announced a trio of comic book professionals who will be coming to Shreveport in August.

First, returning Geek'd Con favorite, Louisiana artist Roland Paris...

Source Marvel Comics/Ronald Paris via

You can find Roland's art on the cover and in the pages of the biggest names in comic books. He's done cover artwork for characters like Spider-Man, The Avengers, and even the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe!

His artwork can be found in books like Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, X-Men, Black Panther, Daredevil, and a ton more!

Next up, Ghostbusters comic book artist Tim Lattie...

IDW Publishing/Tim Lattie via Twitter

Tim is another Louisiana native, and he now produces graphic novels for IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Boom! Studios and UNICEF.

You can find his work on the covers and in the pages of titles such as Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.JOE, WWE and Plants vs Zombies.

His Ghostbusters art was recently selected as the cover art for the upcoming Official Ghostbusters Art Book!

The final comic book announcement for this week is another Geek'd Con friend, John Lucas...

John Lucas via

You can find John Lucas' work on the pages of some of comics biggest names. He's worked on books like Deadpool, Batman, The Punisher, X-Men, Superman, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, and more!

Some of his cover art can be found on Deadpool, The Crow, and Barbie comics.

Lucas worked on the entire run of Marvel's Civil War: Front Line as well.