The internet is a wonderful place, to say the least. These videos prove that every now and then, it can be magical too.

I remember growing up and wanted to be a skateboarder with all of my heart. Despite the fact that I couldn't balance by myself on a skateboard, I still had dreams of pulling off the 900 at X Games. I believe every kid my age in the 90's wanted to be a skateboarder, at least for a small moment in time. The reason that we all wanted skateboards was that we were treated to an incredible dose of Tony Hawk. The legendary skateboarder was everywhere... On ESPN, on your Playstation, and every now and then you could see him on Jackass if you stayed up late enough and kept the volume down so your mom wouldn't hear what you were watching.

Just me? Ok, moving on.

Tony Hawk will always be remembered as an iconic sports figure, up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

With a skateboard under his feet, there was simply nothing that man couldn't do.

These days he spends his time meeting new fans and encouraging the continued growth of skateboarding. Search Tony Hawk in any search engine and I promise right next to the awards and accolades, you'll see a relatively new video of him doing something awesome for fans.

This video exchange, however, might be my all-time favorite.

Using TikTok, a FedEx driver shares a story of how a little kid noticed him in uniform and asked him to mail a used skateboard to legend Tony Hawk...

Much like how my daughters think I have JoJo Siwa's phone number and can call her for them, this little Hawk fan assumed this FedEx driver knew just where Tony lives and could deliver it right away.

Shortly after their meeting, the driver shared the story on TikTok with hopes of the message, and the skateboard gets to Tony Hawk.

Well, as you can see from the clips below, the internet did its thing.



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