We all know someone who has named their baby something horrible.  You smile like it's the cutest name you've ever heard, but it's not and you know it!  There are the unholy abomination of names where are a regular name is spelled the wrongest way possible. I don't mean quirky, I mean just plain wrong.  Like, try-not-to-laugh-in-their-face-because-it's-so-mind-numbingly-stupid, wrong.

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That name will look like a work of art after you see this list.

CafeMom has compiled the best list of the worst names parents saddled their little write-offs with in 2016.  These are not typos.

Elizabreth - Like the classy, queen like "Elizabeth" but with an "R" (for redneck, I presume)

Meldor - Destined to be a Lord Of The Rings fan

Aliviyah - This is like "Olivia" but dumb.

Mhavrych - It's pronounced like "Maverick"

Beberly - As in "Beberly Hills"

Danger - I kind of like it, but isn't Danger supposed to be a middle name?

Little Sweetmeat - I wish this was a joke.  I guess it is kind of is a joke, on the child.

Nevaeh - This is heaven spelled backwards, and I think it is pretty cool.

C'andre - Pronounced "See-Andre"

Colon - Uhhhhhh.... Ok

Abcde - This is real.  It's a girls name.  There are currently 328 people in the U.S. that have this name.  

Baby - Not just a regular noun anymore!  It's a proper noun, show some respect

Merika - F#@& Yeah!!!

Jerica - In case you couldn't choose between Jessica and Erica.

PanthyJust imagine "panty" with a lisp.  And that's a name.


Gotham - This one is cool with me because Batman.





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