In the waning days of my Middle School career, spanking was on it's way out.  It's still very much in fashion in households across this great country, but I'm talking about my teacher breaking out the wooden enforcer known as the paddle.  I remember my Math teacher, Mr Roach, had one he called "Ol' Ironsides" that had holes drilled in it.  He claimed it cut down on wind resistance, and allowed him to pick up speed on his down swing.  He and the other teachers would talk about it like it was a golf game.

In the time since I left public education, this practice has been all but outlawed. It's not illegal but so many parents have complained that the practice is barbaric.  Now, if a school does apply lumber to backsides - they must send home documentation that states the parents are in agreement with this type of "reinforcement."  Without their express written consent, that kind of punishment would be considered assault.

In a story I first read on USA Today, Three Rivers Independent School District in South Texas is turning back the clock when it comes to the "Board" of Education.  For the 2017-2018 school year, the district is bringing back Corporal Punishment as a punishment option for educators.  Only 3 schools in the district will allow their principals to paddle students for acting up.  The measure was passed on a 6-0 vote.  Parents must provide written and verbal consent if they want their kids back porch painted red.

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