Video shows the moment one hockey fan turned around and sucker-punched a fan of the opposing team in the concourse. The man who was punched fell to the ground and was unconscious as fellow fans ran to his aid.


UPDATE: Reports say that the man involved in this attack has been arrested. Also, the victim of the attack was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

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Hockey is an intense and fast-paced sport. In my opinion, a great hockey game is one of the most exciting sporting events to experience live in person. Of course, sometime the animosity on the ice can spread to fans in the stands.

Unfortunately in this situation, a New York Rangers fan's temper was running hot as he and the rest of the hockey-lovers in attendance were exiting Madison Square Guardian. As I'm sure there was plenty of chatter happening throughout the concourse after the Tampa Bay Lightening's victory, one man decided to take his anger out in a violent way.

Twitter via @ScottKaplanOn
Twitter via @ScottKaplanOn

In a split second - a Rangers fan in a red shirt turned around and threw one punch to the fence of the Lightening fan.

The Lightening fan fell straight back and was knocked out cold.


***WARNING - The below video is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised***

New York Rangers Fan Knocks Out Tampa Bay Lightening Fan in Madison Square Garden

See the video for yourself via @ScottKaplanOn from Twitter below.

Many on social media were highly concerned for the man who fell to the ground unconscious.

Hopefully the man is OK. But apparently, this wasn't the only incident of violence at the game. Some believe that the man responsible for the punch may have later been arrested.

More reactions to the incident below.

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