According to reports, authorities in Iowa are investigating an incident at the end of a high school basketball game that has gotten attention on social media. As both teams were going through the handshake line at the end of the game, a member of the losing team threw sucker punches at an opposing player knocking him on his back.

TMZ reports that the police department in Carlisle, Iowa is currently investigating the incident that occurred at the end of a high school basketball game between Carlisle High School and Nevada High School. Video from the live-stream of the game shows the two teams walking through the handshake line to wrap things up.

But just as both teams were about to head to the locker room, a player on the Carlisle team began throwing punches at a member of the Nevada team.

Twitter via @Trackhound11
Twitter via @Trackhound11

The attacker threw a punch into the stomach of his opponent before delivering a second blow to his head. A third punch was thrown as the high school athlete fell to the ground while his teammates attempted to stop the attack as can be seen in the video.

Superintendent of Nevada High School, Dr. Steve Gray, said that the victim of the attack is doing okay. An officer was present at the game, but no arrest was made at the time of the incident according to the report.

While I am not sure what exactly transpired in the game to spark this type of cheap-attack, we do know that Carlisle lost to Nevada by score of 72-47 per the report. Could this have just been a sore loser taking out his frustrations on the first guy he saw? Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think.

See video of the incident via @Trackhound11 on Twitter here.

An extended look at how things unfolded via @IndianolaB below.

Some on social media are pointing out that this could be a clear reason for one to argue that handshake lines shouldn't be a part of sports.

They may have a point, as there is apparently an issue with handshake lines following Iowa basketball games.

Back to the incident at hand, one social media user tried to justify the attackers actions.

Some Twitter users theorized what may have prompted the barrage of punches.

Others predicted that the attacker would be in a world-of-trouble for his actions.

More reactions to the incident here.

Whatever caused this attack is a bit irrelevant to me. The attacker in this situation clearly has an issue handling his emotions. Whatever repercussions come his way are fully deserved.

Those who have competed in sports know how intense things can get with opposing players. But the fact of the matter is that you have to handle business during the game. If you can't utilize those emotions to help you team win, then you are a detriment to what everyone else on your team is trying to accomplish.

My final thoughts - this kid couldn't get the job done on the court during the game so he decided to throw a cheap shot. A cowardly move from a member of the losing team who will certainly have to figure out a better way to get after their opponents.

See the full report from @TMZ on Twitter below.

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