Its been a really big year for the online streamer known as Sketch. He's gone from random Madden streamer to making picks during the NFL Draft in record time.

Through his Youtube and TikTok Channels, Sketch has accumulated more than 450,000 subscribers and over 110 million views. That's just from his channels as well, it doesn't count all of the reposts featuring his content.

His catchphrases like "what's up brother" and "Tuesday, Tuesday" have infiltrated sports culture, with professional teams using his phrases and mannerisms in their social media content. They've also inspired countless viral trends across social media.

Sketch has also become a regular guest on viral interview shows and podcasts...

Before all of this online success struck, Sketch was actually a high school football player in Texas.

His real name is Kylie Cox, and he's a Texas native. He grew up in the Houston area, and attended The Woodlands Christian Academy for high school. While attending high school, Sketch was a member of the football team, where he says he played linebacker.

There's plenty of evidence to back this up, including a HUDL profile set up for him, as well as a profile on MaxPreps. But the story goes beyond that, because Sketch actually broke down his own highlight reels on stream.

It hasn't all been an easy ride for Sketch though. He has recently come under fire for the character he portrays on his streams. Many believe the streamer is embellishing and mocking the disabled with his actions on stream.

This is something that he's been asked about more and more during interviews, which have some fans second guessing what they've been watching on his streams. Sketch has gone as far as declaring he doesn't have any condition at all during an interview.

Sketch also spoke during a golf video about how he developed the voice and cadence that he uses on stream. That its a mix of the character Morty from the show Rick & Morty, and former President Donald Trump.

While threads on sites like Reddit are starting to have a conversation about whether or not Sketch's character online is offensive or not, he's just riding the highs and enjoying the perks of fame.

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