To me, Jack White is one of the most important musical artists of this generation. And it is not just because of the great music he's made as solo artist or with the White Stripes or any of the other bands he's been apart of over the years. I think his work as a producer and music historian may be his greatest gift he's given the musical world.

Third Man Records not only gives independent artists a chance to show their talents on a national stage but Jack is buying old musical libraries and breathing fresh life into artist once forgotten. From Mississippi John Hurt to the Memphis Jug Band, White has given a new generation the chance to discover the roots of American music and learn the story of our nation through its culture and music.

That's why I'm super pumped that Jack White will be opening the second leg of his 'Boarding House Reach' tour in Shreveport. Everyone of Jack's solo tunes is a love letter to the music of the past. From the Supremes to Elvis Presley to Leadbelly, you can hear the fabric of America in White's songs. He's the bridge that brings together centuries of music.

With that all being said, last time Jack was in town, he sold out the Municipal. This time, there should be an equally hot crowd. If you love the White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather or Jack's solo work, you should go. If you love musical history and preservation, you should go. Because if nothing else, Jack White is putting a lot of time, money and effort into preserving the sounds that made America beautiful and unique.

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