Elvis Presley is a global icon. One of the most celebrated and influential artists of all time. But, before Elvis became the 'King', he was just a poor boy from Tupelo Mississippi playing on the Louisiana Hayride at Municipal Auditorium.

I'm not going to say that without the Louisiana Hayride Elvis wouldn't have become Elvis. But, I will say that some of the most iconic moments of his early career happened right here in Shreveport and those moments are what put on the path to super stardom.

And, coming up on Elvis' birthday (January 6th), you can celebrate the man, the legend and his legacy at the place his star was born. The Municipal Auditorium will be hosting two backstage tours and having a birthday party in honor of Elvis.

According to the Municipal Facebook page:

Come celebrate Elvis' Birthday with us!
Birthday Cake and Punch will be served.

Take a backstage tour of Shreveport's most iconic performing arts venue, the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Learn the stories and hear the songs of the many stars that have graced the stage. Walk in the footsteps of music legends and make your own debut when you get the chance to stand on the stage where idols like Elvis Presley and James Burton have performed.

We may never have gold plated toilets, a private jet or drive the most expensive Cadillac to ever be produced...but we can walk the King's footsteps and that's still pretty cool.

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