Original. Iconic. Ground breaking. Influential. Those are all words that can be used to describe the Beach Boys. The little surf rock band from California created an unique and undeniable sound that became a piece of the American fabric. Not only did the band push their own limits in creating classic albums like 'Pet Sounds', but they drove bands like the Beatles to experiment with their own music in attempt to keep up with the groundbreaking work of the Beach Boys.

And, after the first of the year, you can see the Beach Boys live! The band will be hitting Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium January 22nd. You can see one of the most influential bands of all time at one of the most historic building in the country. Seems like an awesome night to me. Original members Mike Love and Bruce Johnston will be joined by a cavalcade of others to celebrate and continue the musical legacy of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

If you're interested, you can buy tickets here starting on Friday, September 28th. For more details, visit the Municipal Auditorium Facebook page.

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