In case you haven't looked at your calendar lately, its officially Halloween season. And you just can't celebrate Halloween without some thrills and chills. Here in Shreveport, we have one of the most haunted sites in America, the Municipal Auditorium!

Not only is Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium one of America's most important musical venues, it also happens to be widely considered as one of America's most haunted buildings. Ghost hunters for years have traveled to Shreveport to investigate the Municipal. Many believe that the ghosts of Johnny Cash and Elvis haunt the halls of the building. Others believe the building is full of spirits dating back to the days when the basement was the city's morgue (a lot of that stuff is still down there, by the way.)

 The Municipal has been featured on TV shows on the SyFy network and several other channels. There are blogs all over the internet dedicated to the spirits that allegedly inhabit the Muni. Well, now, you can see what everyone is talking about by taking a haunted tour of the Municipal yourself.

According to the Municipal's website:

The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium is a National Landmark known international for its music history. It also has another notable distinction – it is one of the most haunted places in north Louisiana.  The Municipal has been featured on SyFy’s  Ghost Hunters and Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab.

Some of the hauntings include a child, who likes to play peek-a-boo with the balcony door in the main lobby; slamming doors; ghostly guest named Mary, and many other unexplained occurrences. This 90-minute tour will delve into those. Who knows what you will see or hear on this tour.

No walk-ups will be accepted.  All tours are subject to cancellation and if that occurs payment will be reimbursed electronically.

If you'd like to check out the tour, they start October 4th and run through Halloween night. You can find more details and purchase tickets here. 

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