After missing 4 games, and setting the women's basketball world ablaze once again, Angel Reese returned to the floor for the LSU Tigers. In her return, she did Angel Reese things, scoring 19 points, and ripping down 9 rebounds. She helped propel her team to an 82-64 win over Virginia Tech. But not just any VT team, this is the #9 ranked Virginia Tech, who made the Final Four last season.

Clearly, LSU is still LSU...with Angel Reese.

Colorado v LSU
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While Reese was away from the team, they still rolled. LSU has only lost their opening night game this season, which was to a Colorado team that is still ranked, and has only one loss on the season. So maybe that opening night loss wasn't as wild as it seemed at the time.

But back to LSU.

The Tigers are 8-1 after the Virginia Tech win, and have games like UL-Lafayette, Northwestern State, and Coppin State before the SEC schedule starts. So anything the team needs to workout before conference play will get its time over the next month.

It looks like they already took steps to solving the biggest part of that last night. While we don't have all the answers to why Reese was away from the team, it would appear that she slid right back into the mix with little effort. The team honored her before the game in a celebration of her 1,000 career rebounds, a celebration Coach Kim Mulkey, and her teammates, appeared excited for:

After the game, Angle Reese doubled down on her feelings about Coach Kim Mulkey. During a press conference, sitting next to Mulkey, Reese was asked about her statement during last year's NCAA Tournament that she "needs a Kim Mulkey" in her life, here's how she responded:

It seemed pretty obvious that Reese and Mulkey are good, Reese is still in top form on the floor, and that her teammates are ready to play around her. So whatever kept her away from the team for 4 games seems to be something bothering fans more than the team.

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