Many people thought the best part of Lindsay Lohan‘s much-ballyhooed return to ‘Saturday Night Live‘ a couple weeks ago was ‘The Real Housewives of Disney’ spoof. In the sketch, Lohan’s Rapunzel and Kristen Wiig‘s boozy Cinderella are joined by a group of backstabbing, gossip-y Disney princesses who behave in a similar matter to the (sort of) real life ladies of Bravo’s various ‘Housewives’ reality TV series.

Apparently, there were some scenes from the skit that didn’t make the final cut but were too good to go unseen. So SNL released those deleted scenes on their website today. Check them out below.

If you think about it, an obnoxious drunken version of a Disney princess was the role Lohan was born to play. Maybe if she was getting roles like that, rather than G-rated family fare such as ‘Herbie Fully Loaded,’ she would’ve been able to work out her problems on screen and not at the club.

Would you watch ‘The Real Housewives of Disney’ if it was a real show? We so would. Check out the original sketch that aired on ‘SNL’ below.

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