Sources tell KEEL News that an investigation is underway at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter over a dog that was reportedly sold out of the shelter online.

The source tells KEEL that an employee of the CPAS took the dog from their care, and sold the animal on Craigslist. But then the dog's original owners came looking for the pet after they realized the dog had gotten lose. There's no word on what the original owners were told when they were looking for their pet. But the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is not investigating.

Caddo Parish Administrator, Dr. Woody Wilson, has confirmed to KEEL that there is an investigation ongoing, and that the Personnel Committee is expected to make a recommendation in the case.

This isn't the first controversy around the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter. This year alone, the CPAS has face two high profile controversies. The first involved mix-ups that have led to animals being euthanized erroneously, and the second involved an employee allegedly engaging in sex acts with an animal in their care. 

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