It's a sad truth that the Caddo Parish Animal Services has a euthanasia rate of 57% meaning that most of the animals "rescued" will not find homes but have to be put down. Because of this outside rescue groups come together to save as many animals as they can. Recently several dogs were setup to be picked up but volunteers said they received a message saying the shelter opted to euthanize them and with no reason explaining why.

KTBS reports "Unfortunately that's a beautiful terrier that went down because of a miscommunication, a lack of communication," said Mike Middleton, Caddo Parish Commissioner and chairman of the animal services committee. "We want to find that out so we can minimize that. We won't ever be 100 percent. We're not a no-kill zone."

KTBS says this incident is not the only time something like this has happened. Several months back a rescue went to adopt a dog only to find the animal dead in the kennel from what they said appeared to be from starvation.

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