LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels put together one of the greatest offensive seasons the SEC has ever seen in 2023. That performance boosted him from an afterthought to a Heisman frontrunner. It might also boost him from "might get drafted" to a First Round NFL Draft contender.

Now I'm not here to say that Jayden Daniels is a lock for the First Round of the NFL Draft...but there are going to be a lot of desperate franchises looking for QB help. This current NFL season has been one of the worst for quarterbacks. In a normal year, your average NFL fan can name at least 10 starting quarterbacks in the league. But if you try that exercise right now, you will sputter by the 6th or 7th name.

Guys are laterally being signed of the street and starting games in the same week this year (and some are throwing touchdowns on their first drive with their new team too...Joe Flacco). There are third string quarterbacks getting starts all over the league. Teams don't have long term plans.

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

So the NFL Draft in 2024 might have a HUGE number of quarterbacks taken early. Which isn't a secret among the NFL Draft Projection people. They're coming out firing with places that college QBs could land. Including where LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels might end up.

Some of the projections will make LSU fans happy (because of shared interests) but others will blind them with rage. So how about some "way too early" NFL Draft projections for Jayden Daniels:

Teams Projected To Draft LSU's Jayden Daniels

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