New York Jets Quarterback Mike Vick appeared this morning on the Tim Fletcher Show in advance of his upcoming comedy show at the Strand Theater. Among other things, Vick addressed those planning a protest of his appearance. Vick also talked about the message he'll give to kids at a local youth football camp.

Mike Vick is getting into comedy.  He is producing the Michael Vick Comedy Explosion Tour, and the debut performance will be at Shreveport's Strand Theater.  Certain groups are planning to protest Vick's production, upset over his past as a former dog-fighter.

Others are planning a "forgiveness rally" in support of Vick, who has payed the public penalty for his crimes. News Radio 710 KEEL reports that some local "gang members" are planning to come together in support of Vick.

Vick, in conjunction with Mayor Cedric Glover, will also hold a youth football clinic at Independence Stadium on Friday at 5 p.m.

Tim Fletcher interviewed Mike this morning on the Tim Fletcher Show and asked him what his message will be to the kids at the youth camp.

Mike talks about the prank phone call that got him interested in comedy.

Tim asked Mike about the planned protest of his comedy show at the Strand.

What does Mike think of the young dual threat quarterbacks in the league that play his style of football?

What would Mike say to the protesters against him if he had the chance?

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