With the 2022 NFL Draft quickly approaching, here is a public service reminder.

Instant grades will be handed out as soon players begin coming off the board.

The idea of an "instant grade" following a draft is dumb. The truth is, a team's draft can only be graded after a minimum of 3 years.

When a player is drafted #1 overall in the NFL, he is graded with a curve.

In many cases, a franchise's future hopes and aspirations are tied into how well that investment pays off.

When looking at every #1 overall NFL Draft pick of the 21st century, the results are mixed across the board.

Some have won Super Bowls. Some were complete busts. Some spent time in prison.

Here is a look at every #1 overall NFL Draft pick of the 21st century.

Every #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick of the 21st Century

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