Michael Vick

Vick Protest: See Both Sides
Shreveport stood divided outside The Strand Theatre Saturday (July 12). One side was there to protest NFL player Michael Vick's comedy show, the other urged forgiveness for the convicted animal abuser.
Michael Vick Protests
Two different groups staged protests outside Michael Vick's comedy show at The Strand Theatre Saturday night. The protests were quite peaceful with no altercations reported.
Vick on Protestors [Interview]
New York Jets Quarterback Mike Vick appeared this morning on the Tim Fletcher Show in advance of his upcoming comedy show at the Strand Theater. Among other things, Vick addressed those planning a protest of his appearance. Vick also talked about the message he'll give to kids at a local youth …
Vick Talks Shreveport Show
Michael Vick called into TMZ Sports to talk about his upcoming comedy show in Shreveport and the protests that are being planned by citizens in the Shreveport-Bossier area.
Michael Vick Tops List of Most Disliked NFL Players
Players with legal troubles and quarterbacks head a list of the NFL’s most disliked players. The list, based on the findings of a public survey of NFL player perception conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, indicates that players with legal issues, contract disputes or sus…