Michael Vick has been spotted taking his pooch to PetSmart for dog training classes.

April Fool’s Day is a little under a month away, so while that previous sentence may seem like we’re positioning ourselves to get ahead of the joke curve, we feel obligated to tell you we’re not. We're serious.

The controversial Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who famously spent time in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring, is now spending his offseason taking the Belgian Malinois he owns to one of the pet superstores in New Jersey in the hopes of teaching it how to properly behave. Irony, anyone?

Back in October, Vick revealed his family owned a dog, which he was free to do after his probation ended last summer.

Vick has reportedly signed up for six classes on Monday nights. He’s been going with the pup, as well as a bodyguard (we wonder if he’s protecting Vick from angry pet owners or the dog from Vick. Zing!). It appears as if Vick has been a hit in the store, with him posing for photos. Now, if only he would sign up for classes teaching him how not to turn the ball over.

Those worried about how Vick will treat the dog shouldn't be too concerned — Mike Vick is an Eagle and we all know they won't be beating anyone this year.

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