Mick Foley is one of the greatest pro wrestling stars ever. He's career spans decades, and his contributions to the industry are recognized from generation to generation. He had successful runs in WCW, ECW, and WWE(F).

Foley has a handful of Wrestlemania moments. But his most recent came at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas. Where he was joined by Mr. Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels, and The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. The three of them marched into the ring, took out a squad of four current WWE Superstars, hit their signature moves, and danced their way out. It was an amazing moment.

Mick Foley had a habit of creating amazing moments, and earlier this year, we got some good news here in the Shreveport area when we found out Mick Foley will be joining us this year for Geek'd Con. Giving fans a chance to meet him, get autographs, and take pictures with the hardcore legend.

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's version of a "comic con", it will happen August 17-19 at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. You can get tickets, including a Mick Foley VIP option now. Here's the link for tickets:

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