Mick Foley is coming to downtown Shreveport next month for Geek'd Con 2018! Geek'd Con is Shreveport's "comic con", and it will be happening at the Shreveport Convention Center August 17th-19th. Mick will be joined by Chris Sarandon from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bam Margera from Jackass, and Helen Slater, the Original Supergirl.

To get you pumped up for Mick's appearance, we jumped back to his Hall of Fame wrestling career to pull out some gems.

Mick had an incredible career that spanned across the three major Attitude Era promotions (WWE/F, WCW, and ECW), while winning a championship at every stop, during their best years. Not many other guys can say that. He's also one of, if not the ONLY guy who can say he's held a championship in WCW, TNA, ECW, and WWE/F history.

So with all of this work, you know the matches have to be good to make a list like this, so here we go:

#5 - Main Event Match vs. Big Van Vader - WCW Saturday Night 4/17/93

This one is really tough, and a toss-up between this match and their match at WCW Halloween Havoc 1993. This one gets the nod because it was cable TV instead of the Pay-per-view, meaning more eyes got on it. These two had incredible ring chemistry together. Minus that whole "losing an ear" thing, they may have had some of the best natural chemistry in the ring ever.

#4 - Hardcore Match vs. Edge - Wrestlemania 22 2006

This was Mick Foley's last big Wrestlemania match. He's had a few "Wrestlemania Moments" since, but as far as an in-ring competitor, this was the last. Which was a pretty solid way to wrap it up.

Foley got to go up against one of the WWE's current Top Guys, in a prime spot, while bringing things to the WWE screen that have rarely, if EVER, been seen before. Including the epic flaming table spot:

There may have been some selling at the end of the match, but after what these two went through, a lot of their reactions are probably more real than we'd like to believe.

#3 - Street Fight for the WWE/F Championship vs. Triple H - Royal Rumble 2000

This match was great, both men left literally everything they had in the ring. But more than the execution of the match, was the build up. Mick Foley had originally been introduced to WWE/F as Mankind, before eventually transitioning into his Dude Love gimmick. But this story between Triple H and Mick Foley had previously called for a darker side of Mick Foley...one that the WWE/F hadn't seen before until Triple H drew him out. That was Cactus Jack. So once again pairing the two for a match of this magnitude was a thing of beauty.

#2 - Barbed Wire Bunkhouse Match vs. Terry Funk - IWA Duel of the Wilds 1995

Any other career would be easily defined by a match like this. But when you're Mick Foley, that's not the case (see #1). But the brutality of this kind of match can't go unnoticed, even by America, when it's halfway across the world. What Foley and Funk did was one-of-a-kind for that era, and honestly, for today.

#1 - Hell in a Cell vs. The Undertaker - King Of The Ring 1998

What can be said about this match that hasn't already been said?

This match changed everything. This match helped finish the Monday Night Wars. This match brought new people to pro wrestling who have been fans ever since. This match sparked the formation of what WWE is today.

This is not just Mick Foley's greatest match ever, this is the greatest wrestling match ever.

Foley takes 2 or 3 of the worst looking bumps of all time, and gets up from both. Foley and Undertaker both fight through the devastation of this match to deliver a story, and one of the most insane viewing experiences ever.

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this match. Which makes Mick Foley's Geek'd Con appearance even more sweet!

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