On Tuesday April 17, 2018, The state Pharmacy Board picked a New Orleans pharmacist Ruston Henry to operate the first ever medical marijuana pharmacies in the state of Louisiana. Henry of H&W Drug Store Inc, went before a 7 person panel to ask them to give him the permit. The Panel then ranked all of  the 5 companies applying for this permit and presented the information to the 17 members of the Pharmacy Board.  Luckily for Henry the second generation pharmacist, he is walking home with the first Medical Marijuana Permit in Region 1. Region 1 covers several cities surrounding the New Orleans area.

If you're sitting back thinking "Wait WHAT?!"  You're not crazy, the Louisiana law does not allow marijuana to be sold. However there is a loophole, if you sell marijuana that isn't smoked, well that changes the game. The state permit given to Ruston Henry of H&W Drug Store clearly states that they can only sell pills, topical creams and oils. All the patients seeking the aid need to have a doctors prescription.

According to The Times-Picayune out of New Orleans "The state-permitted pharmacies will dispense marijuana that will be produced and manufactured in various forms by vendors hired by Southern University and Louisiana State University, the only agricultural centers allowed by state law to grow the medicinal-grade marijuana." So does that mean that Southern University and Louisiana State University are going to get a huge help with funding certain programs? What are your thoughts? Is this a good thing? Is the sell of marijuana you can smoke next to be reviewed?

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