There are a lot of people online doing some quick search engine diving this week as the McNeese State Men's Basketball schedule makes its way around. Because the opponent for McNeese on Tuesday December, 5th raises a lot of questions when you see it written on the schedule.

On December 5th, McNeese will play host to Mississippi University for Women. The McNeese MEN'S Basketball team will welcome the Mississippi University for Women to Lake Charles for a game.

What is going on here...

Well, before we jump to conclusions (like some already have on social media), lets actually talk about what the Mississippi University for Women actually is. Because the answer isn't as solacious as some had hoped.

The Mississippi University for Women does have a Men's Basketball program. They also have a Men's Golf team, Men's Track, Men's Cross Country, Men's Soccer, and Baseball. Because the Mississippi University for Women has both men and women at the school. So calm down.

They often refer to themselves as "The W" (probably to avoid confusion like this), the Mississippi University for Women was originally an all women's college in 1884. They changed names numerous times since then, and eventually welcomed men to the school in 1982...but didn't change the name then. They did attempt to change their name in 2009, but the state government wouldn't allow it.

So, because of that, "The W" has to deal with this. Every time a school like McNeese puts them on the schedule, a whole bunch of people are going to read "Mississippi University for Women" on there and jump to conclusions.

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