Mark Hamill is one of my favorite actors of all time.  Is it because he is my favorite villain's son?  Is it because he brought balance to the force? Is it because voiced a crazy amount of your favorite cartoons and video games?  It's yes and then some.  The then some is his humor.  No matter how may questions about womp rats he gets thrown at him, he seems to be happy to joke around with (and as) some of the most amazing personalities he has breathed life into.

Mark also voiced the Joker in several Batman animated series and features.  As a huge Bat-fan and Star Wars nerd, it makes me so happy to say that his rendition of the Joker is the best of all time.

Kanye West
Theo Wargo, Getty Images - Kanye is not amaused

Mark has called upon his 2nd most famous character to skillfully flesh out the twitter stylings of the president-elect, Donald Trump - and it is delightful.

I'm not sure what hi-jinx Mr. 294-credits-to-his-name-on-IMDB will get up to between now and December (that's when Star Wars: Episode VIII) hits theaters, but lets hope it's more of this.


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