Mr. Wayne Comet Cripe from Raccoon Township, PA is being charged with a misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy and a felony charge of intercept communications for going all “True Lies” on his soon-to-be ex-wife. The couple were living together, but had been separated for some time when the Mrs. found an audio transmitter under her bed.

Apparently, Mr. Cripe was tired of coming home to hear his wife having sex with her boyfriend (as men are wont to do) so he planted the device to know when the boot-knocking was finished.  When approached by police, Cripe’s first words were “I guess she found the transmitter.”  Clearly, he failed Espionage 101.

“Don’t try this at home” is a phrase used to warn human beings that most of the things they see in movies and on television are either the magic of Hollywood or done by trained professionals.  For example, just because you see James Bond do basically anything does not mean you are trained to be a secret agent.

Also, Bond never lived with his ex-wife. Let’s work on that first Mr. Cripe.

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