Ashley Madison has built their business model on infidelity, and apparently business is good!  The online service prides itself on helping its curious members find a like-minded individual with the goal of having a discreet affair.  The cheating matchmaker (cheatmaker?) is reporting record enrollment numbers, and has even disclosed the top 20 cities where the sinful hookups are happening.

The "global leader for affairs" is not only seeing its membership swelling in general, but more specifically - more women than ever are signing up!  USA Today reports that female users now account for more than half of the 54 million users currently attempting a secret hook-up through the site.

According to Ashley Madison's data, these are the top 20 cities for cheaters:

  1. Seattle
  2. Denver
  3. Dallas
  4. Philadelphia
  5. San Jose
  6. Los Angeles
  7. San Francisco
  8. Houston
  9. Charlotte
  10. Austin
  11. Columbus
  12. Indianapolis
  13. Chicago
  14. San Diego
  15. New York City
  16. Jacksonville
  17. San Antonio
  18. Washington DC
  19. Fort Worth
  20. Phoenix

The company nearly folded in 2015 after two major scandals revealed some pretty shady business practices.  The first was a massive data breach that exposed 36 million members' personal data, which is really bad when you are keeping secret information about your cheating users.  That snafu revealed the second bombshell:  Ashley Madison had been using chat bots masquerading as women in order to get and keep more men on the site.  Since then, the company has paid a $1.6 million settlement and hired firm Ernst & Young to verify its 2017 data.  They have confirmed that all of the current users are human.

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